Fenway Park

"Never Again!"

Seat Review From Grandstand 29, Row 7, Seat 3
Jun 2016


The view could not possibly have been any worse. The beam right in front of the seats was in terrible position, blocking any view of the batters box or home plate area. Had I been in seat 1 or 2, I could have seen some of home plate, although you'd be following the pitch through the beam as it makes its way to the catcher.

Avoid seats 3 and 4, they are absolutely horrible. If you can get seats 12 through 14 the views get much, much better, however you will be further from the aisle.

Combine the awful view with the cramped legroom, and it definitely ends up being a seat which I hope I never have to sit in again.

Best for... being in the shade

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    Infield views limited by the pillars

    Grandstand 29

    Grandstand Section 29 seems to be at a perfect angle for keeping those pesky beams in your views of the infield. This is most noticeable near the left and right aisles, however if you can find a seat near the middle in any of the rows, you will actually have a good clear view.

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      Beautiful view of the field. No instructions, and really none that I could see in the rest of the seats in this row. Main videoboard can't be seen, but the long narrow one is unobstructed. Perfectly shaded and just in front of the grandstand walkway. Great find in the Grandstand!

    • "Slightly Obstructed, But Great"

      (Grandstand 12) - -

      Seat 7 was slightly obstructed by a pole, but overall they were great.

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