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    How many rows are in each section at Guaranteed Rate Field?
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    Each section has a varying number of rows and seats per row. If you already have tickets, find your seats for row and seat numbers.

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    Where is the White Sox Dugout at Guaranteed Rate Field?
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    The home dugout is located near sections 137, 138, 139, 140 and 141.

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    Which direction do seats run - is seat 1 on the left or right side of the row?
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    As you face the field from your seats, lower number seats are on your right.

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  • At U.S. Cellular Field.
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  • Is there any protection from balls in Section 103?
    I'd like to attend a game with my toddler but am concerned about safety from fly and foul balls. Which seats provided the greatest level of safety. I am considering section 103 as part of a corporate event. 
    Asked 10 months ago

    Section 103 is an outfield section that does receive its share of home run balls. Having said that, it's likely that other fans will get their hands on a home run ball far before it has a chance to get to you or your toddler. Furthermore, very few balls are hit far enough to reach past Row 20. So if you are sitting in a higher row, there are few safety concerns.

    Perhaps of greater concern is being in one of the outfield sections for a Friday night game. Section 103 is connected to the outfield concourse which attracts a heavy-drinking crowd for weekend night games. Your child is far more likely to come home with a new vocabulary than a bruise from a baseball.

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