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Standing Room Only sections on the Upper Level of Fedex Field are located behind the endzones on the highest tier of the stadium. Tickets in these sections do not include seats, but they do reserve your spot in the standing room only areas that feature a railing to lean on while watching the game.

There are 4 tiers in each SRO section, starting at Row 8 on the first tier, Rows 9-10 in the second tier, Rows 11-12 in the third tier, and Rows 13-14 in the fourth and highest tier. Row 8 features only a single railing to lean against while all other rows have a railing and a thin ledge for setting down your food and beverages.

If you don't mind standing, these seats are a great option for socializing during the game.

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    400 Level Standing Room Only Reviews

    Great place to just hang out during the game

    Sep 2013

    441 SRO, Row 13

    "The SRO sections on the upper deck are located behind the end zones and are on four levels of stalls where you can stand and watch the game. I was in the highest level (which was marked as rows 13-14) and must admit that it was a decent place to just hang out with a beverage and check out the game. There were not many people standing up here so I had a decent amount of space to myself which was a big bonus when compared to some of the cramped reserved seating areas. The view was high but I was directly behind the goal posts and had a clear line of sight to the entire field as well as the videoboard in the background. The SRO levels are marked with row and space numbers to reserve the standing area for the ticket holder, but it wasn't anywhere near capacity for this preseason game so it didn't matter where you stood. The stalls for rows 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 also had a small shelf at the front which made it more comfortable to lean on and was a great place to set down my drinks and food.

    Pretty Cool Seats

    Aug 2013

    416 SRO, Row 11

    Standing Room Only in the 400 level of a football stadium? Gotta be terrible, right? Wrong! these may actually be the best seats on the whole 400 level. There are six total rows of SRO seats and row 11 is technically the first row of the second level. You want an odd row, which means you'll be standing in front. These seats are pretty awesome for partying. The ledge in front of you is big enough to hold beer, food, cell phone, purse, whatever. Vendors even come up here which was unexpected. You're standing the whole time, but the view of the field is actually pretty good compared to a lot of the higher rows on the 400 level sidelines. You wouldn't bring the kids here, but these can't be beat for a group of people looking to have a good time and watch the game.

    Leave the Kids at Home

    Sep 2013

    437 SRO, Row 9

    The SRO area at section 437 had a pretty decent view of the field considering how high up it was, although it got very windy as the game went on. This area was great for just hanging out and relaxing during the game with a little more personal space than in the regular seats, but also got pretty rowdy as the game went on. The fans in the other SRO areas nearby got increasingly louder and abrasive as the game went on, and it was definitely not somewhere you would want to bring your kids, even if the price is right.

    Love the SRO

    Aug 2013

    412 SRO, Row 9

    Perfect for a group of friends hanging out -- or as a way to meet new friends. The ledge in front of you is at an awesome height for placing stuff on and for leaning on. You'll be standing the whole time, so having someone to lean is a major plus. Beer vendors go by every now and again so you don't have to go down for your next drink. It's a little rowdy up here and the crowd is younger, so you'll want to get some real seats if you're bringing the family.

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