U.S. Bank Stadium

"Last Row in Section"

Seat Review From Section 107, Row 37, Seat 1
Sep 2016


Too many people standing behind these seats, leaning over and getting in your space.

Cool spot at the fifteen yardline, but would probably rather be lower to avoid the crowd behind.

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    • "Awesome Spot Close to Field!"

      (Section 105) - -

      Really close to the field and yet still enough height to see over players on the sideline. Slightly angled so the view on the near end is comfortable enough, but you will be looking left the whole time. Overall, I liked this spot quite a bit and would sit here again.

    • "Good"

      (Section 129) -
    • "Goal line view with tons of legroom"

      (Section 128) - -

      There's more legroom in this row than in any other non club seats I've sat in. Right at the goal line. Perfect for seeing touchdowns here. Seeing action on the other end? Not as good. Seats aren't that well angled. Still, a really good height for football and not that far from the field.

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