U.S. Bank Stadium

"Near 50 yard line club seats"

Seat Review From Valhalla Club 7, Row 8
Sep 2016


Perfect spot. Free food and drink.

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    • "Medtronic Club Seats"

      (Valhalla Club 6) - -

      For those who like to say they'd rather watch the game at home, they've never been in the V Club at the new U.S. Bank Stadium. Perfect viewing height, not too far from the field and just an overall fantastic view no matter where you sit. Then again, you might spend more time away from your sea...

    • "Pretty Darn Awesome"

      (Vikings Club 5) - -

      Located directly at the 25 yardline. Awesome view of this side of field and plenty of height to see other side too. You get access to the Hyundai Club which is nothing more than en enclosed (we are already indoors so who cares) lounge area with some seating. Medtronic club on the other side is a ...

    • "Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings - Oct 24, 2019"

      (Vikings Club 2) -

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