U.S. Bank Stadium

Minnesota Vikings 300 Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

There are just a handful of sections which make up endzone seating on US Bank Stadium's upper tier 300 level, and they are home to the most impressive views of the Minneapolis skyline which makes its appearance above the west endzone.

Opt for the lettered rows of sections 324-327 which are right at, or just below concourse level. Numbered seats are higher in the sections, and require quite a few more stairs before reaching the seating area.

You won't have the best overall view of the game when sitting here, but the straight away sight lines and wallet friendly ticket prices make these seats an intriguing option for fans looking to attend a Vikings game on a budget.  - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "At least they're in the stadium, I think"

      (Section 324) - -

      It's like they forgot about these seats. They are way up there, incredibly dark, the vent rattles and there are flashbacks to the Metrodome. This is why people choose to stay home. These just aren't any good.

    • "Great Upper Endzone Value"

      (Section 327) - -

      The seats feel high up and a bit far, but the views of the game are surprisingly great. You have a straight away view of both the field and big beautiful videoboard, leaving no head turns needed to follow the action. As a bonus, you also get a good line of sight to the Vikings sideline, and the ...

    • "Distracted by the Cameras"

      (Section 327) - -

      Right behind a set of cameras in the lower portion of Section 327. Had those cameras not been there, the views would have been excellent with a nice straight away perspective to the field, scoreboard, and open end of US Bank Stadium where you can see the skyline in the background. But as it wa...

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