U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium Lower Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

While the 100 level might sound enticing for the Final Four, where you sit as you move into the corner can greatly impact the experience at the game. Sections closest to the sidelines will be closer to the action, but the seats are at an angle made for a football game. This means you move to the outer sections (105, 113, 127, and 134) you will find yourself looking more to the side than you will straight ahead.

As you make your way around the curves in the corner the angles get better, but the distance gets worse. A basketball court is much smaller than a football field and these sections aren\'t extended like the ones along the sideline. This means fans in these sections will be several hundred feet away from the action and may feel removed from the action compared to what they expected in a lower level seat.

If you are looking to take in the experience of the event this location may be a good option due the price. However, if you are someone who plans on intensely watching the game, we suggest trying to look at sections closer to center court even if it means moving up in height.  - RateYourSeats.com

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