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U.S. Bank Stadium Lower Level Sideline Seating


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The lower level sideline is the best location to watch the Final Four teams battle it out at U.S. Bank Stadium. This means it will also most likely come with the highest price tags. With the stadium being built for football, these sideline sections become customized for the Final Four.

One of the biggest changes are the extensions and labeling of the rows. These extensions add anywhere from 25-30 rows to all sideline sections compared to the football setup. The rows closest to the floor will be labeled 1-4. Behind row 4 will start singled lettered rows (A-Z), followed by double lettered rows (AA-ZZ) and finally on the North sideline there are triple lettered rows (AAA-JJJ).

Some of the best sideline seats are in sections V6-V10 on the South sideline. These will have great elevation to the court. They also are smaller sections and you won\'t have the long walks compared to the sections below and on the North side. A good way to differentiate seats for an event like this is the closer you get to center court, the less you will have to worry about obstructed views or awkward angles. If this means choosing a higher row to be closer to the center of the floor it is usually a wise choice.  - RateYourSeats.com

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