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"Would absolutely sit here again"

Seat Review From Section 125, Row 33, Seat 10
Apr 2014


I was near the top of the 100 level almost behind home plate with excellent views to all areas of the field. The seats were covered by the seating deck above, which was a nice feature to have for staying out of the sun at the park. The deck above did not interfere with any of my views, but am guessing it may have been an issue for fans higher up in the section.

Incredible views of the mound and home plate, with a seating position that points you right in line to the batters box. Look up just a little from the game and you're left with a good view of the scoreboard above the right field sections. An additional bonus which I wasn't expecting was the cool viewing angle into the Rangers dugout.

Its not easy trying to find seats with good coverage and unobstructed view, and Section 125 Row 33 is certainly one of those hard to find spots that combines both.

Best for... watching the game, impressing a guest, being in the shade

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Great seats under overhang

Jul 2014

Section 125, Row 33, Seats 3 & 4

Shade and perfect view of the whole field. Awesome seats!!

Much cooler in the shade!

Jul 2016

Section 125, Row 37, Seats 12-13

Top row under the overhang. Breezy & shady! Enjoyed the seats - the game... well it was not the best performance by the Rangers!

In shade, but obstructed

Sep 2017

Section 125, Row 37, Seats 17-18

There is a partial obstruction with these seats. They are in shade and still relatively close, so there is that. I'd recommend a few rows down. These are the back row of the section.

  • "Great views and even better concessions!"

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    The view from section 130 was pretty impressive, close to the field and a good perspective from near home plate. The roof above provides great protection from the sun and the rain, and only limits views when balls are hit extremely high up in the air. But aside from the great views, these seats ...

  • "Best"

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  • "Great coverage though difficult to see fly balls"

    (Section 121) - -

    The overhang is a blessing and a curse from these seats. Being covered by the seating deck above provides great shade and would certainly keep you dry for any partially rainy games. However with all that benefit also comes a tradeoff: views of fly balls. Difficult to see deeply hit balls towards ... is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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