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"Perfect view if not for railing!"

Seat Review From Section 325, Row 3, Seat 17
Apr 2014


The Rangers really dropped the ball in terms of where they placed the railing in the upper level. In most ballparks, it only affects the first row or two. But at Rangers Ballpark, it gets in the way even in Rows 3, 4 and 5.

These seats were on the right aisle, almost directly behind homeplate. If you took the railing away, you'd have one of the best views of the whole park. Instead, you have a beautiful field to look at with a heavy bar blocking the pitcher's mound and six other horizontal wires obstructing your view. In rows 1 and 2 it's even worse.

It's a shame for people sitting in these seats, because this is supposed to be the cheapest way for fans and families to get a good view of the whole field. Instead, you have to completely avoid the first five rows.

As an alternative, aim for row 7 where the railing is not an issue and you'll be close to the concourse tunnel.

Best for... fans on a budget

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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  • "Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers - Aug 3, 2019"

    (Section 333) - -

    Great seats - especially for the price. It was well shaded by the game start (7:05) and had a nice breeze through the evening. We could see everything fine...although you do have to move your head around a bit to look through the safety wires/railings in front of the first row.

  • "Far Away but Good View for Its Distance and Price"

    (Section 317) - -

    While these seats are far up they offer a good view and you can see the whole field and the big video board easily. A good price and a good bet.

  • "Awesome Seats"

    (Section 320) - -

    Some people would think being at the top would prevent you from a good view, but it actually feels like the field is close and you can see everything. I loved these seats. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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