Globe Life Park

"First Row Behind the Visitor's Bullpen"

Seat Review From Section 54, Row 10, Seat 1
Apr 2014


Row 10 in Section 54 is the first row behind the visitor bullpen in left-center. As with most views in the first row, it's totally obstructed by the railing. So what these seats have in terms of a cool factor, they totally lose out on the view.

Unlike outfield seats in center or right, you can see the videoboard. It's not an easy view, but you won't hurt yourself too much occasionally looking way up at it.

Overall, good seats for fans who enjoy yelling at the visiting team bullpen, or for fans of the visiting team. These seats are more about the experience than the view. Great for a group of friends or as budget seats for families who just want to get in the park and sit on the lower level.

Best for... partying/socializing, Catching a home run

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you do not want a sun burn

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The Visitor Bullpen is Next to Section 54

Section 54

The visiting team warms up in the bullpen to the right of Section 54. Choose a higher number seat to be further right in this section.

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