Globe Life Park

"Sunny, center-field view next to the grass"

Seat Review From Section 52, Row 10, Seat 1
Apr 2014


When you look towards the field, seat 1 is on your left. In the case of Section 52, seat 1 is also right next to the CF grass. It crowds with kids before the game, as they're looking to run onto the grass to get a home run ball. Cool place to sit simply for the activity level, but may get a little overwhelming for some.

The view of the field isn't so bad. You can see most of it, except the deep parts of the outfield in center and left-center.

Certainly a unique place to sit. But lather up with the sunscreen and bring your shades and a hat!

Best for... bringing the family, Catching a home run

Avoid if... you do not want a sun burn

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St. Louis Cardinals at Texas Rangers - May 18, 2019

Jul 2019

Section 52, Row 7   Verified Customer

Pretty good seats by the Visitors Bullpen and the Batters Eye. Also close to the KidZone are for children and close to concessions. A little walk to the nearest bathrooms though if you're a guy!

These seats are close to the field and you can almost call balls and strikes.

Section 52

But you really feel far from the action.

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    Row 10 in Section 54 is the first row behind the visitor bullpen in left-center. As with most views in the first row, it's totally obstructed by the railing. So what these seats have in terms of a cool factor, they totally lose out on the view. Unlike outfield seats in center or right, you can se...

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