Globe Life Park

"Great view for cheap seats"

Seat Review From Section 333, Row 14, Seats 9-10
Jun 2016


Had a great time, the view was great.

The only issue I had was that I have a bad knee that acts up and this night it did. I could not get comfortable in these seats, but there were plenty of accommodating people who gave me an aisle seat so I could stretch my leg and it was awesome.

Best for... watching the game, fans on a budget, partying/socializing

Avoid if... you consider yourself "Big and Tall"

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Apr 2014

Section 333, Row 14, Seat 11

Pretty good views to all areas of the field except for the right field corner. The seats are high up in the ball park so I wouldn't expect to see the expressions on the face of the players, but it is easy to follow the game from where the seats are positioned. Nice angle of the seats directly at the pitchers mound and a good view of the scoreboard above the right field seats. There were a lot of families in the section and all the kids seemed to be having a great time at the ballpark. Sadly you can't see any of the Rangers dugout on the first base side, but visiting team fans will be happy being able to see into the third base dugout. Vendors were everywhere up here, which was very nice for saving a trip to the concourse. At one time I counted five of them within my section and the neighboring sections to the left and right, selling cotton candy, frozen ice, pop, and bottled water. But apparently the bugs in Arlington like to follow the vendors as there were a few annoying flies that were pestering my section. If I were to sit here again, I would opt to be in row 15 and higher as these seats are underneath the roof at the top of the stadium. Had it been raining at all, I probably would have gotten wet in row 14.

Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers - Aug 3, 2019

Aug 2019

Section 333, Row 2   Verified Customer

Great seats - especially for the price. It was well shaded by the game start (7:05) and had a nice breeze through the evening. We could see everything fine...although you do have to move your head around a bit to look through the safety wires/railings in front of the first row.

  • "Perfect view if not for railing!"

    (Section 325) - -

    The Rangers really dropped the ball in terms of where they placed the railing in the upper level. In most ballparks, it only affects the first row or two. But at Rangers Ballpark, it gets in the way even in Rows 3, 4 and 5. These seats were on the right aisle, almost directly behind homeplate. If...

  • "Great view of the field"

    (Section 332) - -

    We considered these great seats. First row, so no one in front of you, so you could prop up your feet on the rail, and there was plenty of room in front of the seats for people to pass without you having to stand up. Some might not like looking though the railing barrier (rows of cables) but we re...

  • "Good seats but not shaded"

    (Section 324) - -

    If it's an afternoon game you will be in the sun until late in the game. Otherwise view is great.