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Neyland Stadium Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at Neyland Stadium

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Despite being one of the largest college football stadiums in the country, Neyland Stadium does a great job separating itself from the traditional mega-sized football venues. Unlike most large stadiums, the second deck hangs over the lower level and brings the cheap seats closer to the field. Additionally, the well-placed concourses assure that fans don't have to stray too far from their seats to track down amenities.

Overhanging Second Deck

Some of our favorite seats at Neyland Stadium are those in sections AA-FF and the Tennessee Terrace. The front rows of these sections hang over about 15 rows of the lower level, which makes them much closer to the field than fans expect. Consider the first 12 rows of sections AA-FF or rows A-G in the Terrace sections for outstanding views and to be just below the section entrance. Just keep in mind that section AA-FF are on the sunny side of the field and will be among the last seats to be shaded.

Although the front rows of these preferred sections aren't under cover, they do create coverage for the sections below. Nearly all lower level sections have at least ten rows of covered seating. When looking at tickets in these covered sections, know that the last 5-7 rows are tucked deeply under the overhang and may limit your view of some plays and of the videoboard. We recommend rows 34-50 in sections R-W and rows 34-60 in sections A-F for the best overall experience.

Easy Concourse Access

Another impressive aspect of Neyland Stadium is the generous placement of the section tunnels. Some of the country's larger stadiums force you to enter sections at the bottom or top row and then make you traverse 50 or more rows to your seats. Want to grab a snack or drink? It might end up costing you half a quarter.

Most entrances at Neyland are in a middle row, which makes it easy to get to and from the concourse. Many lower level sections also have an entrance near the top row to make trips even shorter. While these tunnels won't improve your view (in many cases fans crowd the tunnel and block the view of fans nearby), their ease of access will get you back to your seat faster so you don't miss much of the game.  -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 34-58 in Sections B, C, D and more

Excellent elevated views of the field

Located above the section entrance for convenient access

High enough above the field to see over the players and high enough above the tunnel to see over other fans

Rows 34-50 in Sections S, T, U and more

Elevated views from the Tennessee sideline

Less-sunny side of the field has the sun setting behind you

Easy access to the section entrances at row 30 and the top row

Rows 1-12 in Sections AA, BB, CC and more

The best non-club seats on the second deck

Excellent elevation makes it easy to see side-to-side.

Seats are located below the section tunnel so fans won't be standing in your way

Rows A-G in Sections T2, T3, T4 and more

Best seats at Neyland Stadium

Excellent sideline view with great elevation on the less-sunny side of the field

Easy access to the section tunnel and additional amenities is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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