Nederlander Theatre

Nederlander Theatre Balcony Seating


Sitting Here for a Show

The Nederlander Theatre Balcony consists of seven sections labeled Left, Left Center, Far Left, Right, Right Center, Far Right, and Center.

The Balcony is split up into Front and Rear sub-sections where rows E-L are in the front and rows M-U are in the rear. Views from the Front Balcony are far superior to views from the Rear Balcony, due to the further distance you will be in the latter section. Shorter people will also want to avoid Row E where the safety rail can make it difficult to see the front of the stage.

Access to the Balcony requires at least two sets of stairs. Elderly people and those with ambulatory issues are encouraged to seek seats on one of the lower levels. If you have your mind made up on the Balcony, sitting as close to the front of the balcony is recommended. The further back in the rows, the more steps to climb.

Overall seating in the balcony will not hinder your view of the stage as a whole. Sitting as far back as row U, the front of the stage will still be visible.   -

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