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Nederlander Theatre Loge Seating


Sitting Here for a Show

The Loge at Nederlander Theatre is the third level of seating. The Loge level is comprised of five sections: Left, Left Center, Right Center, Right, and Center. Rows go from A to D. These seats are comparably better than the balcony seats behind them.

Some who sit in the Loge will describe having to lean forward to view the performance, but overall the views here are good. Due to the theater's tight footprint, you are not going to be able to see the crowd sitting on other levels which is good to help avoid any distractions during the performance.

If you are worried about obstructed views, all rows in the Left Center and Right Center are in the clear. As you move closer to the side in these sections, you begin to lose sight of the respective side and corner of the stage.

Those with guests on the shorter side, or with children should avoid row A of the Loge. The safety rail may obstruct their view of the stage. Because seats are on such a steep slope, sitting even one or two rows back will increase view-ability without sitting significantly further away from the stage itself.

Loge seating center, right center, and left center are considered the best seating after the Orchestra section, because you will have a full non-obstructed view of the stage, and even though you are two levels up, will be able to see details you may miss when sitting in the balcony, or dress circle.  -

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