Nederlander Theatre

Nederlander Theatre Dress Circle Seating


Sitting Here for a Show

The Dress Circle is located just one level above the Orchestra. There are five sections that make up this location: Right, Right Center, Center, Left Center, and Left. When comparing to the other levels, the sections within the Dress Circle are definitely the smallest with 4 rows in each section, but 12 rows for the right and left sections. With the Loge and Balcony sections directly overhead, the small sections and low ceiling create a more enclosed, intimate theater-going experience. The small sections make for less of a hassle when your seat is in the center of a section, because there will be less people to cross in front of.

The main obstruction while sitting in the Dress Circle comes from the Loge above which hinders the view of anything happening on the top third level of the stage. To avoid this, look for seats in row AA-GG in sections Dress Left or Dress Right. However these sections also contain obstructed views. If sitting here, you can lose sight of some action deep in the corners toward the back of the stage.  -

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