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Nederlander Theatre Orchestra Seating


Sitting Here for a Show

Orchestra seating at the Nederlander Theatre is the ground floor seating and is eye level with the stage. The seats slope downward from row Z to row A, therefore the farther back you sit from the stage, the higher above eye-level your seat will be. The Orchestra is divided into three seated sections: left, right, and center. The left and right sections of the Orchestra consist of 24 lettered rows, while the center section is made up of 25 lettered rows.

Be careful sitting in Row Z or ZZ, as the tech crew sits at the back center and the light from their monitors may cause distraction to you during the show.

Furthermore, this section has eight entryways so it is easy to get in and out of these seats. This is especially nice during intermission, because if you are seated in the Orchestra section it is easier to get to the restroom before the lines get too long.

The Orchestra section arguably has the best seats at Nederlander Theatre, but it depends on where you sit. Almost every seat in the Orchestra center has a great view of the stage. Seats to the far left and far right, labeled \"obstructed view\", are generally better than expected by guests. These seat views only put the back left and back right corners of the stage out of view, respectively. These seats are typically priced significantly lower than seats nearby (non-obstructed), so those with a smaller budget might want to consider these seats.

The Dress Circle does not hang over the Orchestra section, so it will not cause any obstruction.

The Balcony overhang starts at Orchestra row P. The overhang causes very little obstruction of the top of the stage. If seeing above the stage is important to you, consider sitting in rows V-A, while avoiding the very back rows W-ZZ.  -

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