Minute Maid Park

"Awesome aisle seats!"

Seat Review From Section 134, Row 9, Seat 1
Apr 2014


Super sweet views from the right field line down towards home plate! So cool to be looking straight back towards home plate like the rightfielder does.

Sun was bad on this side of park at 6:00 for a nite game, but a building luckily blocked out the sun in these seats. It's probably not like that year-round, but you might get lucky every now and again.

Fun seats to sit in for a wildly different perspective than seats that look towards the outfield.

Best for... watching the game, impressing a guest, Catching a foul ball

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    • "Quite Possibly the Best Seats Ever"

      (Section 106) - -

      If you're a baseball purist, these might be the best seats you ever want to sit in. Sure, there are seats closer to home plate and seats with free food, but I still think these might be the best. Sitting in these seats and looking straight in towards home plate, you're about two feet from the fi...

    • "Great view!"

      (Section 107) - -

      The seat on the aisle is the best! You have so much leg room to your right. Almost on field level. The way the rows are there. It lays out perfect for 7,8,9 and up. I loved it. The bar is right up the stairs to the right. Ice cream, small little concession cart right above. Restrooms are dead ahead ...

    • "Excellent Seats"

      (Section 107) - -

      Great view of the field! Great price for the location!

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