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MetLife Stadium Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at MetLife Stadium

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As one of the NFL's newest venues, MetLife Stadium reaps the benefits of being able to learn from the mistakes of older football venues. Owing to its outstanding sitelines, videoboard placements and overall layout, the home of the Jets and Giants is one of the best places to watch a football game.

Excellent Sitelines on the Lower Level

As far as sitelines go, the best thing about MetLife Stadium is how the lower level sections are angled. You know that you're going to get a comfortable look at midfield from sections near the 50-yardline, but the angle of adjacent sections gives fans comfortable looks all along the sideline. This means less head-turning for seeing the game and the stadium's corner videoboards.

Our favorite seats on the 100 level are in sections 110-116 and 135-142. Specifically, we like rows 22 and above in these sections. Those rows give you the most comfortable views of the field and videoboard, and will also keep you close to the entrance at the top of each section. Sections 111C-115C are preferred due to their small size (fewer fans crowding you), but they come with the highest price tag as club seats for Jets and Giants games.

If you'd prefer an even more comfortable view than what is provided in the lower level, check out sideline sections on the 200 level. These club seats enjoy the same great angles and sitelines as the seats below them, and have some extra elevation for optimal comfort. As an added bonus, these sections are on the same plane as the videboards which makes for convenient glances at replays and stats.

Best Views of the Videoboard

If club and lower level sections are a little out of reach (they can get pricey), we highly recommend endzone sections on the 200 level. These seats offer a unique perspective of the game - either from the corner or directly behind the endzone - and the absolute best views of the videoboards.

MetLife Stadium opened with four videoboards, one in each corner of the stadium. While most stadiums have engaged in a sort-of "arms race" for largest videoboard, MetLife Stadium can boast about having some of the best-placed videoboards. Combined with the angles of the seating bowls, fans in nearly every seat can see replays and video without turning their neck sharply.

For the absolute best views of the scoreboards - and a not-too-shabby look at the field - consider sections 205, 206, 221, 222, 230, 231, 246 and 247. These sections are directly underneath each board and directly across from a board. The resulting views are fantastic. Just be sure to avoid the first four rows in these sections (and nearby endzone sections), as your view of the near endzone can be obstructed by the wall at the front of each section.

Avoiding the Railings on the 300 Level

While the two lower levels of MetLife Stadium make it fairly easy to find great tickets to a Jets or Giants game, the upper deck is a bit more complicated. The 300 level has a number of entrance tunnels, railings and short walls that limit your view and dampen your overall experience.

While it pains us to say it, the first two rows of the 300 level should be completely avoided. The railings at the front of these sections are over-sized and make it near impossible to see the field clearly. You'll either end up on the edge of your seat all afternoon trying to see over the railing, or you'll spend the entire game trying to find the perfect siteline through the railing. Either way, it's not worth it.

For the best experience, move up a few seats to rows 3 and 4. From here you'll be able to see comfortably over the railing, and you'll be just below the section tunnel for easy concourse access.

If inventory in rows 3 and 4 is limited, the next best thing is to head up to row 12 or higher. These rows require walking up quite a few stairs, but they're a safe bet for a clear view. Rows up to and including 11 can have some level of obstruction from the section tunnels.   -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37 in Sections 110, 111A, 111C and more

All sections are perfectly angled for great sitelines to midfield

Plenty of elevation to see above the players on the sidelines

Close to the entry tunnel at the top of each section

Rows 5-12 in Sections 205, 206, 221 and more

Excellent views of the videoboards in each corner of the stadium

Comfortable angle to the field makes it easy to see everything without turning your head

Rows 5 and above in this section do not have obstructed views of the near endzone

Rows 3-4 in Sections 311, 312, 313 and more

Far and away the best views from the 300 level

Rows 3 and 4 are high enough up to see over the railing at the front of the section which usually obstructs views in rows 1 and 2

Located just below the entry tunnel - this means easy concourse access and disruptive fans are behind you instead of in front

Sections 210, 211, 212 and more

Excellent club level elevations makes it easy to see the whole field

Sections are slightly angled towards the 50-yardline so you get the best views of the field and the videoboards

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