Mercedes-Benz Stadium

"Good View of the Halo Board"

Seat Review From Section 102, Row 58
Aug 2017


A pretty comfortable spot overall with a really nice view of replays, considering this is technically on the lower level.

But I'd rather be on the 200 level. This row is basically as high as that second deck, but you have to walk up a bunch of stairs to get there. Not to mention, with so many rows in front of you, people are standing in front of you all the time.

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult

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    • "Third row over the endzone"

      (Section 103) - -

      Good food nearby, just takes a half hour in line to get it.

    • "Good Look From the Endzone"

      (Section 120) - -

      Closer to field than expected since row 10 is at the front. Cool view downfield. Good party spot with Budweiser bar at the top of the section plus tables and rails looking down on the field.

    • "Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons - Dec 8, 2019"

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      Row 13 in Sec 119 is actually row 4, because the first row is 10. These were awesome. From the end zone, you get to see the plays develop, and the linemen pulling, the receivers getting open; amazing. And if you want to see it like on TV too, the big screen is a slight head tilt can al...

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