Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Atlanta Falcons Lower Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

While the best lower level sections at M-B Stadium are club seats with a relatively high price-tag, adjacent non-club sections along the sidelines still offer an above-average experience.

The most distinctive characteristic of these sideline sections inside the 20 yardlines is their angle towards the field. Comparable seats in most NFL stadiums have poor sitelines and require you to turn your head to see towards the far endzone. But at the new home of the Falcons, these sections are generously angled - giving fans excellent views to both ends.

All rows in these sections are numbered, with row 1 always being closest to the field. Unless you want to be as close to the field as possible, we recommend sitting in row 25 or above. The added elevation of these seats makes the view even more comfortable, and sitting in a higher row will result in shorter walks to and from the concourse.   -

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    • "Only Seat in the Row"

      (Section 114) - -

      This wasn't my seat, but it was actually pretty good. When someone walked by, she said she wanted it and it was the best in the house. It's the only seat in row 37 and has a ton of extra legroom. Plus it's just a few steps from the 100 concourse. You may not be going to the game by yourself v...

    • "Good"

      (Section 114) -
    • "Stadium view great, field view average"

      (Section 125) - -

      These seats have an outstanding view of the entire facility. The view of the field is average for the 100 concourse, but great compared to the endzone or upper levels. These seats are closer than the the boxes and club level just overhead.

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