Madison Square Garden

"Black and Blue"

Seat Review From Section 203, Row 3
Sep 2014


For a place that brags that they spent nearly $1 billion dollars on state of the art renovations, someone forgot to measure the legroom space in all their seats. The legroom space is 5 inches from the drop down chair to the seat in front of you in Section 203 Row 3 (see photo). The bigger joke is the row in front (Section 203 Row 2), which has 12 inches of space from chair to seat (see photo). In back of row 3 is a concrete slab where people can sit in bar stools, and from the concrete slab to a curtain there is like 5 feet of space. So the people in back of section 203 Row 3 have 18 inches of legroom and 2 feet of space between their stool and the curtain.
When you try to sit between two occupied seats on either side, you need to fold your calves under your chair, and point your knees downwards. But when you sit, the chair then falls on your calves because you have no room for your knees, causing cuts and black and blues to your calves and knees. Someone dropped the ball on this BIG TIME!

Try to sit in those seats for a 4 hour concert!!

They couldn't pay my friend and I enough to sit in those seats again for any concert.

-Cut Up and Black and Blue!

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      This is the last row in the section. The balcony hangs over, but it's not in the way at all, even if you have to stand. This seat and the one next to it don't have any seats in front of them. Pretty awesome!

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