Madison Square Garden

"The glass ruins it"

Seat Review From Section 315, Row 1, Seat 1
Jun 2016


Super disappointing. Was worried about the angle to the stage being bad, but it was fine. Can't see the front of the performer, but you can see enough. Biggest issue is the four foot glass wall in front. Who wants to look through glass at a concert (or a Rangers or Knicks game)?

Good legroom and area to spread out, but I expected a lot more from the front of the Bridges.

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    • "Jennifer Lopez - Jul 12, 2019"

      (Section 327) - -

      Loved our seats! Great view above the crowd, loved having room to dance, a place to put my drink and having no one in front of me. Would buy these seats again.

    • "Unique view"

      (Section 311) - -

      I have to say anyone who has been in the Chase bridge can attest the view is unique and it's much easier to get around. In my opinion it"s the only place to see an event.

    • "Different view from above"

      (Section 313) - -

      Enjoyed the show and being away from the busier areas. Will definitely look to be in this area more often since I've gotten older and no longer wish to be on the floor.

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