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Sitting Here for a Concert

200 Level Side sections at Madison Square Garden are among the largest sections in the arena, as each section has up to 25 rows of seating and up to 20 seats in each row. So while not the most convenient option for getting in and out of the seats, you can find some decent tickets if working with a tighter budget.

For a traditional end stage layout, focus on the first 10 rows of sections 212 and 223. These seats will give you the best and closest view of the stage from the upper level. In fact, many fans prefer sitting in these seats over high-numbered rows in the 100 level. Lower numbered seats in section 212 give you a better viewing angle to the front of the stage, while the higher numbered seats will put you closer to the stage. Conversely, the higher numbered seats get the better viewing angle in section 223, while the lower numbered seats get you closer.

Barstool seating options can be found at the very top of sections 210, 212, 223 and 225, but while these offer a unique option good for socializing, the view begins to resemble tunnel vision from this high up due to the low roof and Chase Bridges. In general, it is best to search in the single digit rows of the 200 level side to avoid less desirable views while staying close to the entry tunnels (located at row 7).

Whenever possible, avoid the first few rows of seating in sections 224 and 225 for and end stage show as the camera well located at the front of section 224 can leave you looking at the stage through a glass partition.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Really awesome! "

      (Section 212) - -

      These seats are pretty amazing. Thought I wanted to be on the 100 level, but I love these. There's nothing you can't see comfortably. Good view of the whole stage and you can even see the screen (though you won't need it). Love em!

    • "Directly in line with the stage"

      (Section 213) - -

      This seat was all the way to the left in the section, so right next to 213. This was one of the last rows in the section, and they were pretty far up and far from the stage. But the view wasn't too bad. As budget seats for an expensive show, these are way better than sitting high up at the end of ...

    • "Decent seats, took some great pictures with a good zoom"

      (Section 211) - -

      This was the sold out 5SOS show at MSG. I thought the seats were decent and sound was perfect! Pictures came out great (I have a canon point and shoot with a 30x zoom). My only complaint about these seats is the speakers are in the way of the screens. Picture is taken without zoom.

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