Fenway Park

"Partial obstruction"

Seat Review From Grandstand 23, Row 2, Seat 15
Aug 2014


Left field/baseline obstructed by lally column.

Best for... being in the shade

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    Not bad.

    Aug 2014

    Grandstand 23, Row 2, Seat 14

    Good view. Next to seat 15 which has a partially obstructed view.

    Money wasted

    Aug 2017

    Grandstand 23, Row 3, Seat 15

    Smack dab behind a pole.

    Grandstand 23, Row 17, Seat 2

    Couldn't see the pitcher, the batter, or the entire right side of the field.

    Safely infront of the pillar

    Grandstand 23, Row 1

    All seats in Grandstand Section 23 Row 1 will be safely infront of the support pillar, allowing clear views to the infield.

    Issues on the left side

    Grandstand 23, Row 2-16

    Seats on the left half of the section will unfortunately have to contend with a support beam for a view of the pitchers mound and batters box. Instead, choose seats near the right side of the section for safer views of the entire infield.

    • "The charm of Fenway Park is not so charming"

      (Grandstand 18) - -

      Seats are about as uncomfortable as it gets - certainly keeping the area chiropractors in business. View of home plate and infield is outstanding. View of the outfield is a green support beam. Other seats in this row are better. But seats 3-8 are terrible. Nice shade here though.

    • "Great"

      (Grandstand 15) -
    • "Obstructed view"

      (Grandstand 25) - -

      Seats 123 are obstructed view of either home plate 1st base or both

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