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Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at AT&T Stadium

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Sitting near midfield at AT&T Stadium for a football game will not only provide an ideal viewing perspective for the action on the field, but also gives you a great angle to the incredible sideline facing videoboards. Considering how impressive these displays truly are, you will notice that we focus the majority of our recommendations on areas where you still have a view of these amazing giants. Unfortunately though, most sideline sections are also home to club and premium seating areas, keeping ticket prices in the higher range.

The very best spot to find a great view of a football game at AT&T Stadium will be on the 200 level (also known as the Main Level) right by the 50 yard line. Sections C208-C212 and C233-C237 are all premium options so you will be paying quite a bit more when sitting here, however the views are the absolute best thanks to the perfect seating height from field level. Founders Club sections 210 and 235 get your that desirable positioning right on the 50 yard line, but again these are going to be among the most expensive options in the stadium due to the exclusive Founders Club benefits.

If you prefer to be a bit closer to the field, there are good options to be found on the 100 level, but you will want to be sure to sit higher in the sections where you have a better viewing angle over the players and equipment along the sidelines. Search for tickets in rows 15 and higher of sections C109-C112 (behind the home team sideline) or sections C134-C137 (behind the visitors sideline), and you'll be just high enough to see over the benches while also staying close to the field. One of the disadvantages of sitting this low is that it does require a large head lift upward to see the videoboards.

For those who want the absolute best views to the enormous sideline videoboards and still need a good perspective down to the field, look no further than the Mezzanine Club seats. Being on the third seating tier gives you the the best height for enjoying the videoboard, and as these options are located near midfield, you have a great vantage point for all around field views. In fact, the sight lines are so ideal that you'll find a number of camera wells located at the front of the seating sections here. While the cameras being here is a testament to the superb views, the equipment and the operators can affect your view if you're sitting in the front rows. Therefore, we recommend opting for rows 7 and higher to minimize your risk when sitting in the Mezzanine Club.

Should the premium seats be out of your target price range, give some consideration to the upper rows (6 and higher) of 200 level corner sections 201-202 and 218-219. From here you get an extremely comfortable seating angle which has you pointed right at the middle of the field, requiring no head turning at all. You won't get a great view of the large videoboard, however these seats do have a nice line of sight down the home team sideline.

Endzone seats at the right viewing height are traditionally a very good option for being able to watch a football game as they allow you to sit back, relax, and see all areas of the field without having to turn your head or contort your body. But as the seats behind the uprights at AT&T Stadium with leave you with just the smaller endzone facing videoboards to look at, we didn't include any of these options in our recommendations above as they leave you with no view of the stadium's most iconic feature.  -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Sections C208, C209, C210 and more

Best viewing height in the stadium

Perfect location between the 20 yardlines

Easier to see videoboard than in 100 level sections

Rows 7-16 in Sections C308, C309, C310 and more

Great proximity to midfield

Ideal height viewing both the field and the impressive videoboard

Rows 15-22 in Sections C109, C110, C111 and more

Between the 35 yard lines and on the lower seating tier

Better viewing height near the top of the 100 level

Rows 6-15 in Sections 201, 202, 218 and more

Comfortable viewing angle with minimal head turning needed

Within 10 rows of the concourse entry tunnels for easier access

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