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Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans at AT&T Stadium

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Visiting team fans at AT&T Stadium will have a hard time finding a better seat than those right behind the visitors bench. Located along the north sideline, sections C134-C137 offer some of the closest seats to the players and coaches on the opponent sideline (the only way you'll be able to get closer is if you can afford an ultra-pricey Event Level Suite). As these sections are also premium club seats, you'll get the additional benefits of wider padded seating and access to an upscale club lounge, however you'll also get the higher price tag that comes with premium options.

If you choose to sit on the lower level behind the visiting team sideline in sections C134-C137, you'll just want to be sure to weight out what seating features are best for you when going to a football game. The lower rows are very exciting as you'll be impressively close to your favorite players when sitting on the bench, but these lower seats also come with more difficult overall views of the field (it can be hard to see over the players and team personnel). If you prefer to have a better perspective to the majority of the playing field, opt for rows 13 and higher where you get better seating height. From these upper seating rows you'll also be closer to the concourse, and have a far less wrenching head lift to see the videoboard than fans in the first handful of rows.

For a more affordable option which doesn't leave you with distant views, consider searching in the upper rows of north corner sections 226-227 and 243-244. From here you get a unique perspective down the visiting team sideline, and you will also have one of the best seat angles directly to the center of the field. The one downfall here is that you won't have a great line of sight to the large sideline facing videoboards, so this is a better spot for visiting team fans who prefer to enjoy the game as it happens on the field.

Finally, if you already spent a good portion of your budget just getting to Dallas and you want to save on ticket prices, we recommend searching in Rows 9-13 in Sections 440-445. You will be very high in the stadium and the views of the field will be distant, however there are actually a few advantages to being at this elevation. Firstly, the impressive videoboards will be directly at eye level, giving you one of the best views of these shocking feats of engineering and technology. Secondly, as these seats are in the front 5 rows of the upper portion of the 400 level, ticket prices will be as reasonable as you'll find with such good proximity to mid field. You'll be closer to the visiting team bench than being on the south sideline, just don't expect the most tremendous views unless you end up watching everything on the videoboard.   -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Sections C134, C135, C136 and more

RIght behind the visiting team bench!

Exciting views from the lower seating tier

Rows 6-15 in Sections 226, 227, 243 and more

Great viewing angle down the visiting team sideline

Comfortable positioning to the middle of the field with excellent viewing height

Rows 9-13 in Sections 440, 441, 442 and more

Affordable ticket prices for visiting fans travelling to Dallas

Head on views of the videoboard which is right at eye level

Closer to the visiting team than being on the south sideline is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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