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Sitting Here for a Concert

For a traditional end stage performance at Bridgestone Arena, the floor consists of six reserved seating sections. Floor sections 1-3 keep you closest to the typical end stage for a high energy atmosphere and feature 24 numbered rows of seating, while floor sections 4-6 are located closer to the back of the floor and also have 24 numbered rows of seats.

Sections at the center of the floor (Floor 2 and Floor 5) typically have 16 seats in each row in a standard configuration, so if you are looking for the most head on view of a traditional end stage show, you will want to be in seats 8-9. Side sections are slightly smaller with 12 seats per row, and if you are sitting on the right side (Floor 1 and Floor 4) you will be closer to the stage in the higher numbered seats. Conversely, on the left side (Floor 3 and 6) you will be closer to the performance if sitting in the lower numbered seats for a traditional end stage performance.

Floor seating does not have any elevation above the rows in front, so we recommend avoiding the seats at the very back of the floor as it can be difficult to see over all the fans in front. While closer to the back half of the floor for a traditional setup, the front rows of Floor sections 4-6 are good options as you will have open aisle just in front of your seats.

Not all performances at Bridgestone Arena feature the traditional end stage layout, and one of the more common alternative setups you might find is sections 1-2 located right up against the stage and shortened to just 5 rows of seats, followed by sections 3-5 behind, and then floor sections 6-8 at the back of the floor. The configurations vary from performance to performance (including the possibility of a full general admission standing room only floor section), so we recommend confirming the layout when searching for your tickets.  -

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