Oracle Park

"Great Cheap Seats"

Seat Review From Section 328, Row 1, Seat 16
Apr 2013


Row 1 is actually the second row in Section 328 as there is a row 00. The view is good although you are not able to see into the left field corner. If you stand up you can see the Giants bull pen. Concessions are easy to reach as are the restrooms. The view of the field is good. If you want a beautiful view of the background of the Bay Bridge, then I'd advise moving sections toward home plate. If you're there to see the game and not bust your budget, then these are good seats.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, fans on a budget

Avoid if... you are cheering for the away team

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    View Box 328

    Jun 2013

    Section 328, Row A, Seats 9,10

    I really like the View Box seats. There are only 4 rows, so it's a more intimate feeling than the View Reserve sections. Being in the front row is nice, once you get beyond the railing. Being able to stretch your legs and having nobody in front of you, I like that! View is really good. No foul balls up here, too far out in left!

    Upper Reserved

    Apr 2013

    Section 328, Row 1, Seats 13,14

    Hey, it was Opening Day! Row one is actually the second row in this section which has a Row 00. View is good, but you cannot see into the left field corner, and have to stand up to see the Giants bull pen. But that's a small price to pay for the good deals you can find in this section. Budget friendly for sure.

    • "Constant traffic in the aisle blocked the batter's box"

      (Section 331) - -

      The aisle traffic was very busy and blocked the view of the batter and the yellow pole in left field blocked the screen. Next time we will make sure that the aisle is not between us and the batter. The popcorn concession stand was serving stale popcorn. Love the crazy crab sandwich.

    • "Great 'Cheap Seats'"

      (Section 327) - -

      Actual third row as the section starts with row 1 unlike Section 328 which starts at row 00. These seats are out in left field. You can't see the left field corner, and have to stand up to get a view of the Giants bull pen. The row behind us and in front of us had some overly drunk and loud fans,...

    • "Down the line, OK view"

      (Section 330) - -

      Sitting down the line in the upper deck isn't exactly my favorite place to sit at a baseball game. The view is never that great and the seats are just a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, the seats are slightly angled towards home plate -- which is a big help -- but the view is definitely below aver...

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