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Seat Review From Section 315, Row 2, Seat 16
Sep 2012


View Reserve, behind home plate and behind the tv cameras. Five stars as far as View Reserve goes. There's a row 00, row 1, and row 2.. Loved being close to the aisle, but not on the aisle as the aisle seats have a little obstructed view through the plexiglass at the end of the stairway.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family

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    View Reserved Home Plate

    Apr 2013

    Section 315, Row 2, Seats 15-17

    These were terrific seats behind home plate in the View Reserved Section. Great view of the game, and of the whole park. The views of the Coca Cola Bottle and Mitt with the beauty of the Bay Bridge in the background, breathtaking. The view of the action from behind the cameras is really good. There is a row 00 in this section, so our row 2 is actual row 3.

    • "Great Seats!"

      (Section 312) - -

      Great view, in shaded area, easy access!

    • "Great view of the entire field"

      (Section 317) - -


    • "Best View of Game and Vistas"

      (Section 307) - -

      In general, RF view seats at ATT park are better than those of the left field (view, access, intimacy)/ Row 3 of a 3 row section, right above 1B. In these VB (View Box) sections the first two rows have a railing to contend with in that the top of it crosses the view of fair territory. From the thir...

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