MetLife Stadium

Section 307 at MetLife Stadium for Giants & Jets Games


Seat View From Section 307

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  • Row & Seat Numbers

    • Rows in Section 307 are labeled 1-4, 5-26
    • There is an entry betweeen Rows 4 and 5
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row 5
    • has 9 seats labeled 1-9
    • has 6 seats labeled 1-6
    • has 5 seats labeled 1-5
    • All Seat Numbers
    • When looking towards the field, lower number seats are on the right

    Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    Everything Right in Front of You

    Aug 2013

    Section 307, Row 10, Seat 4

    Awesome view of the videoboard in the far corner and the Giants sideline. The view of the field is especially awesome when the offense moves away from you. You can see all the open receivers well before Eli does. These seats have a really good angle towards the 50 yardline, which can't be said about some of the sideline seats around the goalline. Plus, this row has fewer seats than most rows in the 300 level. Not to mention you're just three rows from the concourse tunnel, making these seats really convenient for families and heavy drinkers alike. There is a railing in front of Row 5. It mostly affects seating in rows 5-7, while row 10 and above are completely unobstructed.

    • Upper Level Corner

      (Seating Zone) -

      The Upper Level Corner seats are home to some of the furthest views in MetLife Stadium, but also some of the most affordable tickets. The steep seating on the highest tier and exposure to the elements...

    • "At least the moths are friendly"

      (Section 309) - -

      You get what you pay for in these seats. The view is just OK, and about ten times better just a few rows down and further in the corner. The angle towards the field just isn't very good from here. You're pretty high up, which meant that it was pretty dark for a nite game and the moths were flocking ...

    • "It was almost to the top of the stadium"

      (Section 345) - -

      It was almost to the top of the stadium, but the seats and our view wasn't bad at all. The usher was awesome.

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