Madison Square Garden

Section 312 at Madison Square Garden - New York Knicks


Seat View From Section 312

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  • Row Numbers

    • Rows in Section 312 are labeled 1-2, BS3
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row BS3
    • When looking towards the court, lower number seats are on the left

    Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    Unique view & if you don't like crowds.

    Mar 2014

    Section 312, Row 1, Seats 11 & 12

    Really on top of the court. Like being in a suite with small section and separated rows. Use app to order concessions. Able to converse during the game. Glass front may be too much if you don't like heights.

    • Chase Bridges

      (Seating Zone) -

      A new seating option in 2013, the Chase Bridge sections are among the most unique seats in all of sports. The seats feature a bridged catwalk-style design and will hang over the seats below. The seats...

    • "Unique. A great experience. "

      (Section 310) -
    • " The garden scoreboard is for real"

      (Section 314) - -

      To be transparent, $175 will get you only so much at the garden for a Bockers game. You won't feel nearly as bad as usual. For any true basketball enthusiasts. The view truly allows one to follow the entire game. Go Knickerbockers/St. John's!

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