S.B. Ballard Stadium

Section 104 at S.B. Ballard Stadium


Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 104 Seating Notes

    • These seats are located behind the visitor sideline
    • Desirable view from near midfield
    • All seats in this section are chairback seats

    Row Numbers

    • Rows in Section 104 are labeled A-Q
    • An entrance to this section is located at Row Q

      Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

      Seat 22 is an aisle seat, easy in and out, all four seats on 40 yard line.

      Sep 2018

      Section 104, Row Z, Seats 19,20,21,22

      • 100 Sideline

        (Seating Zone) -

        The 100 Sideline seats will be found on the east and west side of S.B. Ballard Stadium. On the east side of the stadium sections 103-104 will have chairback seating in all rows, we also recommend thes...

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