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Section 139 at Oracle Park - San Francisco Giants


Seat View From Section 139

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  • Section 139 Seating Notes

    Row Numbers

    • Rows in Section 139 are labeled 1-29
    • Entrances to this section are located at Rows 1 and 29
    • When looking towards the field, lower number seats are on the right

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    Jun 2013

    Section 139, Row 10, Seats 4-7

    Hey, an Orange Friday Night, in the Bleachers, and beating the Dodgers in a walk off homer by Buster Posey? Heck Yeah! Bleachers are very rowdy, part of the action is watching which fans will be tossed. It's a crazy party atmosphere. Seats are bench/bleacher seats, no backs. Lot's of crowding and spilled beers, not to mention the crazy fans and brave Dodger fans. But it's the bleachers, it's supposed to be this way!

    • Outfield Bleachers

      (Seating Zone) -

      The Outfield Bleachers are located just beyond the outfield wall in left and center field of the Oracle Park seating chart. These seats in left and center field will be your best bet for catching a h...

    • "View of Full Field, Easy In/Out, Next to Everything and We got on TV!"

      (Section 142) - -

      In Center Field, short row of 7 seats so you are not getting up and down the whole game and no one blocks your view like in Lower and View Box. The first row is a walkway and that is row A, lower to the ground, do not get those. This 2nd row (Row 0) bench is just the perfect height and we got on...

    • "Completely obstructed view."

      (Section 142) - -

      You have a view of a fence and only a fence. Yes it is the bleachers but it is an obstructed view not a limited view.

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