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Vikings Sideline & Visitor Sideline

The visitor sideline is in front of sections V1-V5.

Vikings Sideline - The Vikings sideline is in front of Field Club 2, Field Club 3 and Field Club 4
Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Vikings Club 1, Vikings Club 2, Vikings Club 3, Vikings Club 4 and Vikings Club 5

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor sidelines.

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Highest Rated Seating Zones

  • 100 Level Club - - If you’re all about finding for those great lower level views near midfield for a Vikings game, you should be prepared to c...
  • 100 Level Sideline - - With the premium club sections occupying the real estate nearest to midfield on the lower seating tier, seats in the 100 leve...
  • 200 Level Club - - Similar to the lower level at US Bank Stadium, fans will have a number of club and premium seating options on the 200 level f...
  • 200 Level Sideline - - Although you won’t get those highly sought after 50 yard line views, seats in the 200 Level Sideline seating zone provide e...
  • 100 Level Corner - - Sitting in the corners of the lower level at US Bank Stadium gives fans a more affordable option for first tier views without...
  • 100 Level Endzone - - For a comfortable view from the lower level, these endzone sections are a great option without having to spend a bit more for...
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Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Premium View But Lackluster Amenities" - - The comfy padded seats are a nice perk of being on the club level. You get a traditional sideline v...
    Fire Club 6, Row 12, Seat 12
  • "Medtronic Club Seats" - - For those who like to say they'd rather watch the game at home, they've never been in the V Club at ...
    Valhalla Club 6, Row 13, Seat 1
  • "High and Dark" - - It was a long walk getting to the seats this far up, and the views certainly reflected that. You c...
    Section 333, Row 21, Seat 16
  • "Great Corner Views, Far From Restrooms" - - Excellent viewing angle to the field. You have straight away views which don’t require you to tur...
    Section 138, Row 27, Seat 20
  • "Better at the Middle of the Row" - - These seats were almost the perfect value. Located at the front (lower) portion of the 300 level, t...
    Section 339, Row B, Seat 25
  • "Perfect Club Level Views and Nearby Bar" - - On the aisle with a ton of legroom (aisle to my left was very wide). Very clear views overall (a sm...
    Fire Club 9, Row 13, Seat 23
  • "300 Level Perfection!" - - I was seven seats in off the aisle, putting me closer to the middle of the row. And while I normall...
    Section 341, Row B, Seat 27
  • "Near the Broadcast Production Booth" - - Views weren’t terrible, right in line with the back of the east endzone on the upper seating tier....
    Section 337, Row 3, Seat 6
  • "Right Below the Vents" - - Although higher up and in the endzone, the views weren’t all that bad. Straight away lines of sig...
    Section 330, Row 6, Seat 10
  • "Double Glass Nightmare" - - Absolutely horrible view of the field. There is an ADA accessible seating area just below, and my r...
    Section 336, Row 5, Seat 8
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    Other Photos From U.S. Bank Stadium

    The view from one of the concourse bars
    Looking into section 131 from an adjacent club section.
    The view from the last row of the upper deck at U.S. Bank Stadium.
    Looking down into the Field Suites on the Vikings side of the field. These suites include seating on the field with an additional room behind the seats.
    Field Suites
    The exterior of U.S. Bank Stadium
    The stadium's main videoboard sits above sections 140-143 and frames views of downtown Minneapolis.

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