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Club Seats for Bulls Games

  • Club Level - For one of the best experiences at the United Center, consider tickets in the club level for a Bulls game. The club level is located on the second sea...
  • Courtside - Courtside seating is available on all four sides of the United Center and most sections are designated by direction (e.g.: Courtside West). The lone e...

Bulls Bench & Visitor Bench

The Chicago Bulls home bench is located in front of section 102. This section is the perfect spot to watch Bulls players as they come on and off the court.
The Bulls bench is located on the east side of the court in front of section 102.
Looking towards the Bulls bench in front of sections 101 and 102.
The visiting sideline is located in front of section 121. Fans of the opposing team will find comfort in sitting close to their team in this section.
The visitor bench at United Center is located in front of Section 121.
Looking towards the visitor bench for Bulls games at United Center. The players and coaches sit in front of sections 121 and 122.

Bulls Bench - The Bulls players sit in front of 101 and 102
Visitor Bench - The visiting team sits in front of 121 and 122

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor benches.

Other Popular Seating Areas

  • 100 Level Center - - Lower Level Center seating at United Center includes sections 101-102, 110-113 and 121-122. Sections 101, 102, 121 and 122 ar...
  • Harris Club - - The Harris Club offers a suite style atmosphere without the having to purchase a private suite. Located behind the west bask...
  • 100 Level Corner - - Lower Level Corner seating is made up of sections 103, 104, 108, 109, 114, 115, 119 and 120. Corner seating offers a unique a...
  • 100 Level Baseline - - Lower Level Baseline seats are behind the baskets and include sections 105-107 and 116-118. There are two levels of seating o...
  • More Seating Areas

Recommended Seats for Kids and Family

Section 116

  • Close to the court, Benny the Bull, all all the fun entertainment
  • At Your Fingertips: Fan Shop, Restrooms, First-Aid, Guest Services, Championship Trophies
  • Furthest section from any of the UC bars

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Kids and Family.

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Sections 101 and 122

  • Amazing center court views
  • Close proximity to both team benches
  • Ticket prices in the upper tier

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

There are four full service bars located in each corner of the 300 level. With TV's and some open space, fans will mingle here during intermissions.
Each corner of the 300 level has a standing room section connected to a bar. This area is ideal for fans who are looking to socialize while also taking in the atmosphere of the game.

Section 102

  • Lower level excitement close to the Bulls bench
  • Short walk to the UC's Bar One (located near Section 103)

Sections 306, 312, 323 and 329

  • Open air bars for socializing with good people and good beverage
  • Saving on ticket price leaves more opportunity to enjoy food, drink, and post game activities
  • Sacrifice view and proximity in favor of price

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Partying and Socializing.

Recommended Seats for Great Views of the Court

Sections 201, 217, 218 and 234

  • Who doesn't love a center court view?!
  • Wait staff + fewer rows = minimal time away from the action
  • Ticket prices in the middle tier

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Great Views of the Court.

Seat Views

Seating Tips & Advice

  • "Row 1 In the 300 Level is Like Being in the 200 Level" - There is a distinct difference between row 1 and double-digit rows in the 300 level. Row 1 in the Upper Level is just above Row 8 in the 200 Level and offers a pretty solid view for the highest level of seating.

Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Some of the Best Seats For Visiting Fans" - - The experience you have in these seats is going to be wholly dependent on who the visiting team is. ...
    Section 121, Row A, Seat 3
  • "Pretty Good For Corner Seats" - - This review is for the 2013 McDonald's All American Game at the United Center. These particular s...
    Section 230, Row 1, Seats 7-8
  • "Worth Every Penny" - - I am a season ticket holder in the 300 level, so this review is relative to experiences in that sect...
    Section 111, Row 4, Seat 11
  • "Great energy, rough view" - - Tickets for the Big Ten Tournament Championship game between Michigan and Michigan State were on the...
    Section 312, Row 7, Seat 13
  • "Great Seats For the 300 Level" - - The view doesn't get much better from the 300 level. You're almost at mid-court and you have the who...
    Section 317, Row 6, Seat 10
  • "Better Than Being Behind the Basket" - - We were deciding between these seats and seats in section 226 that were a couple bucks cheaper. We o...
    Section 224, Row 2, Seat 9
  • "Right Outside of Ironworks" - - The best thing about these seats is their proximity to Ironworks, which has a delicious steak sandwi...
    Section 309, Row 6, Seat 4
  • "Birds Eye View" - - Stairs were steep to get up to Row 15, but once there got a good view of the whole court and could s...
    Section 310, Row 15, Seat 8
  • "Great view of the court; high traffic area" - - I picked these seats because I knew they would give me a center court view, I didn't realize that I'...
    Section 334, Row 8, Seat 14
  • "Excellent Seats For the 300 Level" - - I debated for a while whether to sit here or in the first row on the aisle a couple sections over (t...
    Section 316, Row 2, Seat 5
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