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Highest Rated Seating Zones

  • Orchestra - - Orchestra seating at the CIBC theater is the ground floor seating and is on level with the stage. The Orchestra is divided in...
  • Dress Circle - - The Dress Circle is located just one level above the Orchestra. There are five sections that make up this location: Right, R...
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Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Not as bad as I thought it would be!" - - When I got my tickets it said that it was a limited view seat, so I was expecting the worse, but I w...
    Orchestra Left, Row ZZ, Seat 11
  • "Upper Walkway Blocked" - - Anything higher than about 15 feet is blocked by the overhanging mezzanine level. There wasn't a lo...
    Dress Circle Right Center, Row G, Seat 232
  • "Not Great" - - This seat is obstructed by a pole and an overhang. The over hang blocks the top 15% of the stage an...
    Orchestra Right, Row X, Seat 6
  • "Limited View Due to the Pole" - - There is a pole in Row G which is what obstructs the view here. You can see about two-thirds of the ...
    Balcony Right Center, Row K, Seat 408
  • "Third row of this section, corner seat allowing easy access to move about, although small chunk of left stage view was cut off by a wall." - - This seat was in a fairly decent position, about third row from the balcony ledge, on the left corne...
    Mezzanine Left, Row C, Seat 17
  • "Great View!!" - - Great view of the stage except that you can't see anything from the top right side of the balcony. ...
    Mezzanine Right, Row D, Seat 14
  • "Hamilton - Oct 1, 2019" - - Balcony Left Center Row D seats were very good. No obstructive view. Could see the entire stage and ...
    Balcony Left Center, Row D   Verified Customer
  • "Yikesssss" - - This theater is terrible, I felt like I’m a mile in the air. This makes the term nose bleed seem i...
    Balcony Right Center, Row P, Seat 428
  • "Best Seats In House, Easily" - - You get what you pay for. Which for this, it is indeed true. We loved it.
    Dress Circle Center, Row A, Seats 201-202
  • "Hamilton - Jul 27, 2019" - - Limited seeing the top of stage.
    Dress Circle Right Center, Row F   Verified Customer
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