Rose Bowl Stadium

Is Section 5 good for concerts at Rose Bowl Stadium?

Mar 2014

Answered by staff...

The view from Section 5 at Rose Bowl Stadium will depend on the stage setup for the concert. When Eminem and Rihanna come to Pasadena in August, the stage will be located between Sections 2 and 21. Section 5 will have a good viewing angle to the center of the stage compared to closer sections, and will also have chair back seats for added comfort.

Seats in Section 5 will also have a better sitting position pointed towards the stage, as opposed to closer Sections 3 and 4 which point away from the stage and require a bigger head turn to see the performance.

Sections 5 and 18 are among some of the better options in the seating bowl due to the chairback seats, good proximity to the stage, and seating angle to the stage. We recommend searching for tickets in rows 15-25 which will have a good viewing height and are located close to the entry tunnel at row 31.

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