Comerica Park

What is section 141 A, Row C at Comerica Park?

Not sure what the 'A' is for, and whether Row C is up close or further away.

Sep 2013

Answered by staff...

At the back of section 141 there is a smaller portion of the section (closer to home plate within the section), that some ticket brokers refer to as section 141A.

Section 141, Row E
The view from the back of Section 141 at Comerica Park in Detroit

There are a total of 6 lettered rows of seating in this area, with row A being at the front and row F being at the back. Row A is a similar distance from the field as row 30 in section 141.

Asked September 28, 2013 for ALDS: TBD at Detroit Tigers - Home Game 2 on Oct 5, 2013

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