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Seats in the 400 level endzone sections will put you in the upper portion of the lower seating tier, providing good views of the near endzone and a decent viewing height to see down to the far end of the field. One of the most unique advantages to these seats is the excellent head on view of the large videoboard located above the north endzone, making these seats a great option for fans who enjoy watching replays and highlights or want to keep an eye on scores around the SEC.

The seating sections here are decently large with 41 numbered rows of seating, so we recommend staying in the first 15 rows to ensure the best views and closest access to the concourse (entry tunnels are located at Row 8).  - RateYourSeats.com

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    South Carolina at LSU

    Sat. Oct 24 at 6:00 PM

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    Alabama at LSU

    Sat. Nov 14 at 5:00 PM

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    Ole Miss at LSU

    Sat. Dec 5 at Time TBA


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