Rose Bowl Stadium

"Good enough but seats up close would’ve been much nicer"

Seat Review From Section 7, Row 54, Seat 114
May 2019


- has seat backs
- able to get a good view of the entire stage
- nothing is obstructing your view ie lighting equipment, poles, speakers...

- too far from the stage
- you can barely see the artists’ faces

Overall, it doesn’t really matter where you sit as long as you enjoy the show!

Best for... seeing the stage, people on a budget

Avoid if... you want to see the stage, you are bringing the family, you consider yourself "Big and Tall", climbing stairs is difficult, you do not want a sun burn

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  • "Great View"

    (Section 20) - -

    You get a great view of the main stage and are close to the screen that they put up. And you can see the whole arena and see the extended stage fairly well

  • "Close, but not close enough?"

    (Section 19) - -

    From my seat it was easier to see the members if they were performing on the main stage but harder to see them if they were on the extended stage as it was a bit far. The big screens were really close though. Seats are very close together and there's not alot of room for the knees, so I recommended ...

  • "Not bad not great"

    (Section 5) - -

    For concerts these seats weren't the greatest. The problem is the rose bowl is so big. I wish artists would not pick this venue to perform at. The only way to actually be able to see seems to be to spends $600 plus a ticket. I was able to watch the screen clear from here so that was cool... is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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