Providence Park

Providence Park East Terrace and Vistas Seating


Sitting Here for a Soccer

These levels were built in the 2019 season to add more seating along the sidelines of the stadium. Sideline views are great for a soccer game as the action goes back and forth.

The Terrace sections feature only 10 rows while the Vista sections are even smaller with just 5 rows. Also for convenience, these sections will have their own concessions nearby with custom menus.  -

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Calm above the storm! Duracell Deck is amazing."

    (East Vista 5) - -

    We love these seats and the entire Duracell Deck. It has beautiful views, a breeze, and is not too crowded. You will never get rained on or sunburned; which is really saying something. These seats are located mid-field and on the aisle, so they are just about perfect. You are so high that you fee...