Jones AT&T Stadium

"Miserable! No Leg room!"

Seat Review From Section 104, Row 25, Seats 10, 11
Oct 2019


Thank you for giving us a voice. These seats seem to be brand new. And, although view was great, the seats were miserable to sit in. No leg room (we are tall people), No leg room. No leg room. Unbelievably shortsighted of the designers of these seats. I never want to sit in them again. We had to sit cross-ways, and take up space with the person next to us. Thankfully it was my husband that I could turn my legs under. His shins were up against the back seat of the person in front of us. Miserable. When the person in front left for a while, he could put his legs over the back of their seat for a while and stretch out a bit. Only children would fit in these seats. Even teens would not be able to sit straight in them.
If you are a short legged small person, you might enjoy these seats. For the rest of you, get your seats on the benches and rent a chair back.

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