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Despite their location at the top of the arena, upper level sections offer some of the best site lines and best ticket deals.

So what makes these seats so good? Simply put, they're much closer to the court than you'd expect and the views are unobstructed and usually outstanding. For instance, the last row in section 230 is just 33 rows from the court. Meanwhile, the last row in lower level section 128 is 28 rows from the court. So despite being on the "upper level", many of these seats are actually closer to the court than corner and baseline seats in the lower level.

To get the best views, you don't need to be seated at center court. In fact, some seats in mid-court sections 211 and 231 are behind the entrance tunnel railings where you may feel a bit confined and where the railings might be slightly distracting. Opt instead for sections an even-numbered sections like 210 or 212 where you'll be just slightly off-set from the center but where you'll have a phenomenal view of the court with 0 distractions or obstructions.  - RateYourSeats.com

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