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Mavericks Platinum Level Seats at American Airlines Center

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Platinum Level Features & Amenities

The Platinum Level is a great place to find an upscale experience at American Airlines Center. The viewing height is ideal from the second tier of seating, and fans will also have access to the premium restaurants and bars on the dedicated, upscale Platinum level concourse.

One of the best benefits of sitting on the Platinum Level is the in-seat wait service. Fans will not have to miss a minute of the action as they can purchase food and beverage to be brought directly to their seat.

Platinum Club Baseline Sections

As the Platinum Suites take up the second tier seating behind the west basket, the only club level individual seating options behind the basket will be found on the east end of the arena. With the smallest seating area of any option (no more than 5 lettered rows in each), and straight away views which require little to no head turning, these seats can be one of the more comfortable options for watching a basketball game. Add on the fact that these seats come with in-seat wait service and you have an a great experience.

The one drawback is the location behind the basket, which does provide more challenging views due to the basket support structure and shot clock impacting your lines of sight. Opt for Sections 203 and 224 where you'll find some of the cheapest club level tickets, and will avoid being directly behind the basket.

Platinum Club Corner Sections

Sections in the corners of the Platinum Club Level wont have the same desirable mid court views as the sections near center court, however the second seating tier positioning still provides some of the best seating height for watching a game.

The seating areas range from 5 to 8 lettered rows, translating into quick trips in and out of the seats during the course of the game. Aside from the premium Platinum Club benefits, corner sections will also have close proximity to the restrooms on the club level and feature in-seat wait service.

Sections 213 and 214 are also known as the Party Suites at American Airlines Center, offering an even more upscale environment and experience for larger groups of fans.

Platinum Club Center Sections

Fans sitting near center court on the Platinum Level will find themselves with the ultimate combination of comfort and viewing experience for a game at American Airlines Center. Being on the second tier provides a near perfect seating height for seeing the court, and the centrally located sections ensure you have great views of both baskets.

The sections have just 8 lettered rows of seating in each, making them some of the easiest for getting in and out of the seats quickly and conveniently. Platinum Club fans are also treated to premium club benefits, adding to the amazing experience you'll find from the Platinum Club Center options. Among our favorites here are Sections 209 and 210 which are perfectly located near center court, and have head on views of the Mavs and visitors bench.

All fans sitting on the platinum level will experience in-seat wait service.

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Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Great view of the court"

    (Section 216) - -

    These seats were great, we could see the whole court the game was amazing. The people who worked our section were very sweet and helpful. We saw a game last year and sat in section 117 about 5 rows behind the MAVS bench, but if I can't sit there I would definitely sit in 216 again.

  • "Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks - Nov 20, 2019"

    (Section 217) - -

    They were center court, on second level near bathrooms and concessions.

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