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Vaught-Hemingway Stadium
Ole Miss Rebels Seating Guide

Ole Miss Sideline & Visitor Sideline

Ole Miss Sideline - The Ole Miss sideline is in front of D, E and F
Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of N, O and P

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor sidelines.

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Shaded & Covered Seating

Less than 10% of seats at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium offer some type of shade or cover. Below is a sample of seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at different times of the day. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

  • Rows 52 and above in Section Q are covered
  • Rows 48 and above in Section S4 are covered
  • Rows 1 and above in Section QQ are covered
  • Rows 1 and above in Section 112 are covered

Chairback Seating

Chairback seating is available in all the premium Field Club sections behind the south endzone.

Rebel Club seats feature a chair with a back.

Rows A and B in Sections B-H and L-R are chairback seating.

South Endzone Club seats feature a chair with a back.

Visitor Seating

Rows 45 and higher in section R are designated visitor seating areas.

Sections S, S1, and K are designated for visiting team fans. Additional seating for the visitors can also be found in the last few rows of section S11.

Student Seating

Students from Ole Miss sit in sections N1-N11 in the North end zone.

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Looking at the South Zone Club at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. These are some of the most comfortable seats in the stadium as they get shaded before most and have a chair with a back. Above the club seats are the South Suites.

Sections FC1, FC2, FC3 and FC4

  • Impressively close seating to the field
  • Premium Field Club amenities
  • Comfortable seating with back support

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Recommended Seats for Great Views of the Field

Rows 20-30 in Sections D, E and F

  • Impressive views near the 50 yard line and from a great viewing height
  • Located close to the entry tunnels for quicker trips to and from the seats
  • Better relief from the sun on the west sideline

Sections S4, S5, S6 and S7

  • Comfortable straight away viewing with no need to turn your head
  • Head on view to the large north endzone videoboard
  • Close to the section entry tunnels located just above row 25

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Great Views of the Field.

Highest Rated Seating Zones

  • Rebel Club - - The Rebel Club is an exclusive seating area located above the east stands. Rebel Club ticket holders will have clear lines of...
  • Field Club - - Located just above field level behind the south endzone, the Field Club seats provide impressive proximity to the action on t...
  • Sideline - - Sideline seats at Vaught Hemingway stadium feature chairback seating in lettered rows A and B (located closest to the field)....
  • Lower South Endzone - - The lower south endzone is home to the only non-premium and non-student seating behind the uprights at Vaught Hemingway Stadi...
  • North Endzone Student - - Recently expanded for the 2016 season, the north endzone sections are designated entirely for the Ole Miss student fans. Sea...
  • South Zone Club - - South Zone Club seats have one of the best scoreboard views in the stadium. The covered chairback seats are head-on to the vi...
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Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Almost right on field" - - These seats were excellent. You could almost reach out and touch the players.
    G, Row 1, Seats 3-4