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Milwaukee Bucks Seating Guide

Bucks Bench, Marquette Bench & Visitor Bench

The Bucks bench is located in front of Section 118. Seen here are the player introductions before the first game ever at Fiserv Forum.
The visitor bench at Fiserv Forum is located in front of Section 116.

Home Bench - The Bucks and Marquette sit in front of Floor 8 and 118
Visitor Bench - The visiting team sits in front of Floor 7 and 116

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For Marquette basketball games, students will be seated at both ends of the floor. The designated sections are 110-113 and 101, 121, and 122.

Recommended Seats for Kids and Family

Kohl's Court is a family-friendly area located near sections 120 and 121.

Sections 119, 120 and 121

  • Near Family oriented Kohl's Court

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Recommended Seats for Great Views of the Court

Rows 1-8 in Sections 105, 106, 107 and 116

  • Close views of players
  • Extra padded seating
  • Access to Mezzanine Club

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Highest Rated Seating Zones

  • Courtside - - There are 7 Floor sections at Fiserv Forum that surround the court and give fans the closest experience possible for a basket...
  • Lower Level Side Court - - For back and fourth action with close to equal views of both ends of the court look in these sections. The lower level side ...
  • Lower Level Corner - - Corner sections are good areas to look in the lower level to find a deal without completely sacrificing the view. The smalle...
  • Gallery Side Court - - The upper level at Fiserv Forum is referred to as the gallery and the Side Court sections are the best sections within the le...
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Seat Views

Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Mezzanine Club Seats Behind Visitor Bench" - - If you're visiting Fiserv Forum to cheer on the visiting team, it doesn't get much better than sitti...
    Section 116, Row 2, Seat 6
  • "Right by the player's tunnel" - - These seats were pretty great since they were right by the visitor team's tunnel and I could see the...
    Section 114, Row 6, Seat 5
  • "Convenient Spot at Center Court" - - This is the second to last row in the Upper Comcourse but I would vote these among the best seats in...
    Section 208, Row 12, Seat 11
  • "First Row in the Balcony" - - I like not being too high up and the first row is in a pretty good spot. Don't like walking down all...
    Section 215, Row 1, Seat 4
  • "The worst experience ever" - - Never I mean never get these tickets ...plan on watch it on a TV screen because you will not see the...
    Standing Room Only
  • "No Aisle, Last Row" - - Seat 1 sounded like an aisle seat but they put a big pillar next to it so you can't get through. ...
    Section 225, Row 13, Seat 1
  • "Better Than Sitting Behind the Basket" - - Not a bad view overall. Close to the Coors bar just up a step or two. Also, Panorama Club provides a...
    Section 227, Row 9, Seat 5
  • "Corner Seats Behind the Bench!" - - These might actually be too close. Amazing experience, close to players but they're tough to see ove...
    Section 115, Row DDD
  • "Standing Room With a Ledge" - - Not the best view and no seat, but love having a ledge to lean on, put drinks and the phone. Cool sp...
    Section 202, Row Rail
  • "Free Throw Line View, Nice Seats" - - Pretty good deal compared to the lower level. Comfortable view and not crazy high up.
    Section 223, Row 8
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    Other Photos From Fiserv Forum

    Pre-game activity for a Bucks game at Fiserv Forum.
    Kohl's Court is a family-friendly area located near sections 120 and 121.
    Looking into the Loft seats located on the Suite Level at Fiserv Forum.
    Inside the Panorama Club, located at the top of the stadium. Fans will find a massive bar and lounge-style seating.
    Looking up towards the Panorama Club where fans can look down on the court from rail seating.
    The view from the Panorama Club.
    Inside one of the Tower Suites located on the 200 level. This private area includes views of the court, a private bar and lounge area.
    The videoboard at Fiserv Forum includes large televisions underneath that allow fans on the lower level to see replays and stats without having to look straight up to see the main video screens.
    The Atrium is the main entrance at the Fiserv Forum and will be where the majority of fans enter the venue. Fans enter at the ground level and head up the stairs to the 100 level seats.
    The view from outside the Panorama Club overlooks the Milwaukee Skyline and the restaurants below.
    The Panorama Club has upscale beverages available for purchase. You can also catch other games on the many T.V.s located in this elegant upper level club.
    Kids can take their photo with Bango on the bench at Kohl's Court.

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