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Kyle Field Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • West Club - Also known as the All-American Club, fans sitting in the West Club will have exclusive access to the 40,000 square foot climate controlled West Club l...
  • West Legacy Club - West Legacy Club ticket holders are treated to a more intimate premium experience at Kyle Field, which includes exclusive access to the 12,000 square ...
  • Zone Club - The Zone Club seats are located on the second tier of seating behind the north endzone and feature armchair seats underneath cover to protect from the...

Seats with Backs

  • Seats with Backs - All 300-level seating from sections 301-327 offer chairback seating.     Chairback seating can be found in all rows of the premium...

Student Section Seating

Students can sit on the East sideline, from sections 120-124, 128, 129, 230-238, 330-338, and 341. Student seating is also available in section 132.

Visitor Section Seating

Shaded & Covered Seating

Only about 15% of all seats at Kyle Field offer some type of shade or cover. Below is a sample of seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at different times of the day. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

  • Rows 35 and above in Section 128 are covered
  • Rows 30 and above in Section 134 are covered
  • Rows 30 and above in Section 133 are covered
  • Rows 3 and above in Section Z1 are covered
  • Rows 34 and above in Section 235 are covered
  • Rows 18 and above in Section 330 are covered
  • Rows 15 and above in Section 408 are covered
  • Rows 23 and above in Section AC3 are covered

Texas A&M Sideline & Visitor Sideline

Texas A&M Sideline - The Texas A&M sideline is in front of 106, 107 and 108
Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of 125 and 126

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor sidelines.

See Also: Visitor Section

Other Popular Seating Areas

100 Level Corner Seating

From the corners of the lower seating tier, fans will have some of the most exciting views of touchdowns at the near endzone, while following the details at the far end of the field will be more difficult (particularly in the lower seating rows).

Chairback seating is available in Sections 115, and 119 as well as the lower rows of Sections 114 and 120. These chairback areas at the north end of the stadium will also have superior views of the large videoboard at the south endzone.

All corner seating at the south endzone (Sections 129, 130, and 134) is comprised of bench style bleacher seats.

100 Level Endzone Seating

Endzone seating on the lower seating tier at Kyle Field provides fans with the closest views of scoring plays, but will have a much different feel depending on the endzone.

South endzone sections consist of 41 rows of bleacher style bench seats which will have similar views to the seats at the north, but fans here will have a tougher time catching the replays and highlights on the larger videoboard which is located above and behind the seats.

Sections in the north endzone feature chairback seats for a more comofortable gameday experience, and also have the benefit of head on views to the large videoboard at the south endzone. North endzone sections are similar in size with up to 39 numbered rows of seating.

100 Level Sideline Seating

Along the sidelines on the lowest level of seating of Kyle Field, sections here have the closest views near midfield and are home to some of the best seats for watching a football game.

Most seating on the east sideline is reserved for Texas A&M students, and features bench style bleacher seats in each of the 35 rows.

On the west sideline, fans are treated to comfortable chairback seating from just behind the Texas A&M sideline. West sideline sections are also noticeably smaller with just 20 numbered rows of seats, and will have the sun at their back sooner than on the east sideline.

200 Level Sideline Seating

Located on the second tier of the east sideline, the majority of the seating is this area is reserved for the Texas A&M student fans. Sections here have very good sideline views from an excellent seating height, but will also see a good amount of sun during day games at Kyle Field.

200 Level Sideline sections have up to 38 rows of seating in each section, with entry tunnels located closer to the front near Row 11. Overhead coverage in the last few rows of these sections, but with the west facing seating position there will be very little shade in this area.

200 Level South Corner Seating

In the corners of the south endzone, these second tier seats have good views of the field and smaller sections which make for easier trips to and from the concourse. There is no overhead coverage to speak of here, meaning fans should expect a good amount of sun during day games at Kyle Field.

Two smaller videoboards at the corners of the north endzone help in following the action at the far end of the field, but fans will have a difficult time watching on the larger videoboard above the near endzone. Each section here features 14 numbered rows of seating.

200 Level South Endzone Seating

Endzone seating on the 200 level gives fans a good viewing height from a position that won't require you to turn your head at all to follow the action on the field. Sections here are smaller than most at Kyle Field with just 14 numbered seating rows, allowing for quicker trips to and from the concourse to visit the concessions and restrooms.

You won't find any coverage or chairback seating here which helps to keep prices more affordable for a seat which isn't on the upper deck, but fans can expect more time in the sun and a tougher time following the details at the far endzone.

300 Level Corner Seating

Corner seating in the 300 level features smaller seating sections which allow for quick and easy trips to and from the concourse (no more than 16 rows in each section).

North corners will have the advantage when it comes to views as they face the large south endzone videoboard, but all seating in this area will also be very exposed to the sun during day games at Kyle Field.

300 Level Endzone Seating

At the south enzone on the 300 level is where you can find some of the largest seating areas at Kyle Field. Sections here have 45 numbered rows of seating and some of the steepest aisles in the stadium. There is no coverage to speak of at this level of the south enzone, and fans will have the most difficult views of the large vidoeboard located directly behind.

North endzone 300 level seating is located at the front of the upper seating deck, and features a smaller seating layout with just 14 rows of seating in each section. North endzone fans have excellent views of the large videoboard, but should also be prepared for the sun as their is little coverage or shade in this area.

300 Level Sideline Seating

Seats along the 300 level sideline have a much different feel on the east sideline when compared to those on the west sideline.

Fans in the east sideline sections of this location will see more sun than any other seating area at Kyle Field. East sideline seats also have significantly larger seating sections which feature 37 numbered rows of seating (entry tunnels located at Row 10). Overhead coverage is available in the back rows, but it won't provide significant shade as afternoon approaches and the sun moves towards the west.

The experience is much different on the west 300 level sideline as seating consists of comfortable chairback seats and will also have smaller layouts for easier access to the concourse. Sections on the west sideline feature no more than 10 seats in each row, and will also have the sun at their back sooner than fans on the east sideline.

400 Level North Endzone Seating

Located on the highest level of seating behind the north endzone of Kyle Field, fans here will have a birds eye view of the action and a steeper aisle to climb to reach seats in the upper rows.

Overhead coverage is non existent in any of the 38 rows of seating, and fans at the very top will be left with a lengthy walk as the entry tunnels are located at the very bottom of the sections. Views of the large south endzone videoboard are tough to beat here as fans will be nearly at eye level with the screen, making seats here a good option for scoreboard watchers on a budget.

400 Level Sideline Seating

As the highest seating on the west sideline, seats here will have far views but are also a good option for fans on a budget who need some relief from the hot Texas sun. Seats here face the east sideline and will have the sun at the back sooner, and will also have good overhead protection in back portion provided by a roof above.

Chairback seating can be found in the first 6 rows of Sections 403 to 406, and with entry tunnels located at Row 2, fans closest to the front will have the shortest walks to and from the concourse.

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Sections z1, z10, z11 and z12

  • Overhang to protect from weather
  • Exclusive club level amenities

Sections LC5, LC6, LC7 and LC8

  • Best views in the house!
  • Exclusive West Legacy Club access and amenities
  • Wider padded chairback seating right near midfield

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Recommended Seats for Great Views of the Field

Sections 106, 107 and 108

  • Great 50 yard line view
  • Some of the closest seats to the field
  • Opposite the student sections, not as loud

Sections 304, 305, 306 and 307

  • Good viewing angles near midfield
  • Comfortable chairback seating
  • West sideline location puts the sun at your back sooner

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Great Views of the Field.

Kyle Field Seat Views

Kyle Field Seating Reviews

  • "Great view!" - - Bring a cap to shield the sun & something to shield the sun from your shoulders with that sunburn in...
    Section 348, Row 33, Seats 36-37
  • "The view, the comfortable arm chairs and proximity to the action cannot be beat!" - - Sitting here allows you to experience Kyle Field full ON! Arrive early to be a part of march in and...
    Section 116, Row 4, Seats 3, 4
  • "Bleacher seats" - - Despite what this site says many times, section 329 does not have seat backs! I bought them and was...
    Section 329, Row 8
  • "Great seats in North Zone" - - Comfortable armchair seats with cupholders and plenty of leg room in the North Zone. Plenty of conce...
    Section 114, Row 3, Seat 3
  • "Don't Buy From This Season Ticket Holder!" - - Bought tickets through Flash Seats. View was good enough, but the 2016 ticket holder lied about sta...
    Section 413, Row 19, Seats 16-20
  • "Great view, closer than expected" - - Great season tickets at a great value. Close to concessions, bathrooms and gifts. Escalator access ...
    Section 340, Row 14, Seats 3,4
  • "OK, but too close together" - - Good view of the field, but couldn't see the big screen. Wish the seats were wider and not so crowd...
    Section 349, Row 12, Seats 27, 28
  • "Very close to the field, great visibility" - - I like that had attached an aluminum framed cushioned seat and back. A little cramped.
    Section 126, Row 14, Seats 3,4
  • "Texas San Antonio Roadrunners at Texas A&M Aggies - Nov 2, 2019" - - Aisle Seats are just next to band and on the 30 yard line. Awesome seats!
    Section 125, Row 13   Verified Customer
  • "Lamar University Cardinals at Texas A&M Aggies - Sep 14, 2019" - - Good bleacher seats. 6:00 kickoff and seats were nowhere near the sun.
    Section 413, Row 2   Verified Customer
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